Microsoft Announces New Xbox Update

Following the launch of the new Xbox One Experience couple months ago, Microsoft has officially announced the latest software update coming to current-gen Xbox consoles, which focuses on continuing to improve social features to help you stay connected to the Xbox Live community across multiple devices.

The new Xbox One software update features:

  • The ability to view who’s in a Party before joining
  • Revived Gamerscore Leaderboard with total gamerscore comparison
  • The ability to re-arrange Pins on your Home Screen, alongside launching them when you are offline
  • Updating Activity Feed in Xbox One
  • Game Hubs and the game tile now make it easier to launch Twitch broadcasts if friends are broadcasting
  • Improvements to Suggested Friends including gamertag, real name (if shared), gamerpic, and Xbox Avatar image
  • The ability to to hide content like betas, trials, games, and apps has been re-enabled
  • Avatar Store, with the ability to to preview the items on your avatar in real-time before you buy
  • Xbox News has been added to the activity feed to make it easier to stay up to date on all things Xbox
  • Improvements to Trending including top videos, screenshots, achievements, and more
  • additional functions on the Xbox app to compact mode
The new Xbox One Update is now rolling out to the Xbox One Preview members, while Windows 10-based computers and mobile devices will get it next week.