HTC Vive Pre-Orders Announced

Following the announcement of the Oculus Rift Pricing & Shipping Date one week ago, HTC is the latest one to join the VR party by announcing the latest update for its very own virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive, including when you can pre-order the Vive.

After showcasing the Vive Pre at CES 2016 last week, the company's second generation Vive Developer Kit, Cher Wang, the chief executive at HTC, has announced that as part of the HTC's effort of making the company "more realistic", HTC will be shifting its focus away from smartphones and into virtual reality, as well as opening the door for pre-orders of the Vive as soon as next month.

The HTC Vive wil be available to pre-order starting February 29, while the VR headset is expected to begin shipping in April. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on pricing.

Check out Vive Pre Announce Trailer.