Homefront: The Revolution Closed Beta & Launch Date Announced

Following the announcement of Homefront: The Revolution couple years ago, Deep Silver in collaboration with Dambuster Studios has officially revealed the latest update coming to its open world first-person shooter, including the release date of the game's Closed Beta.

The studio has announced that Xbox players will be granted access to Homefront: The Revolution through a closed beta, which is scheduled for next month, and become a Freedom Fighter in the Resistance, as they uncover safe houses and other tactical locations, disrupt the KPA propaganda and disable their security, as well as infiltrate and destroy high value targets.

Homefront: The Revolution Closed Beta will be available sometime in February exclusively on current-gen Xbox consoles, while players can now register to secure their spot. Last but not least, the game will officially be launching May 17 in US on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, while EU will get May 20.

Check out Homefront: The Revolution "This is Philadelphia" Trailer.