The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Announced

Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games President and Executive Producer, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment has officially announced the latest update coming to The Tomorrow Children, including the game's closed beta launch date.

In The Tomorrow Children, a retro-futuristic, cold war-themed, post-apocalyptic alternate timeline game, players in collaboration with their online comrades will get the chance to brave the Void, A.K.A. the white shell that encases the surface of the earth, in order to collect resources and develop towns, all while defending themselves against the Izverg, mysterious creatures that emerge from the depths of the Void destroying everything in their wake.

The studio has also announced that players who participate in the Closed Beta will be rewarded with an exclusive costume, while registrations are now open until January 8 in US, while Europe registrations closes on January 14.

The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta will be available from January 21-23 exclusively on PS4. Check out The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Announce Trailer.

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