Reddit Announces New Mobile App

Following the launch of Ask Me Anything App about fifteen months ago, Reddit, the entertainment, social networking, and news website, has officially announced that it is now working on an official native Reddit App for Google-based mobile devices.

The product manager for native mobile at Reddit has also revealed that the official native Reddit app for Android is still in beta stages. Although, some redditors will be offered a chance to participate in the beta in order to provide feedback and help identify those nasty bugs, and if your are interesting in trying out the official native Reddit app, all you have to do is:

  • You'll be asked a few questions including your frequency of usage and whether you’ve used Reddit on mobile before (to attract a variety of different types of users in the beta groups)
Reminder: Completion of the sign-up form does not guarantee that you’ll be selected to participate, as only a few thousand of users are needed for this first round.

The official native Reddit app Beta for Android is expected to launch in the next month or two, while registration are scheduled to end December 18 at 11am PST.