Nvidia Launches Android Marshmallow On SHIELD Tablet K1

Following the announcement of the Nvidia SHIELD Tablet K1 five weeks ago, the company has officially revealed the latest update coming to its "ultimate tablet for gamers", including the release of Google's latest and greatest Android OS for the K1 tablet.

Nvidia SHIELD Tablet K1 Software Upgrade 1.0 features:

  • New NVIDIA SHIELD Camera, with improved burst photo functionality and adds new real-time HD image effects, accelerated by Tegra K1’s Kepler-based GPU
  • User Interface Upgrades, including new NVIDIA wallpapers and other custimizations
  • Pre-loaded Fallout Shelter and free Bonus Lunchboxes
  • Now on Tap, with the ability to quickly find information related to what you are seeing on the screen
  • Adoptable Storage, enables MicroSD cards to be integrated with main internal storage
  • Improved App Permissions, with the ability to turn on or off each one of them
  • App Standby, automatically put an app into a standby state based on when you last used it, pausing network access and sync
Nvidia SHIELD Tablet K1 Software Upgrade 1.0 is now rolling out to all K1 tablet owners as a free update.