New Street Fighter V Exclusive Costumes Revealed

Following the announcement of Street Fighter V Beta 3 Content late last week, Capcom in collaboration with its select retailers has officially revealed the latest update coming to its fighting video game, including some exclusive Battle Costumes for those who pre-order it.

The studio has announced that Consoles players who pre-order Street Fighter V in North America will receive an exclusive alternate costume including:
  • Battle Costume Chun-Li, featuring one of her signature black dresses (PSN)
  • Battle Costume Ryu, featuring a strong and grizzly look (GameStop)
  • Battle Costume Cammy, featuring a decked out in mission gear outfit (BestBuy)
  • Battle Costume M. Bison, featuring an ominous black outfit (Amazon)
Last but not least, players Worldwide on Computers will also be offered the Battle Costume Chun-Li when pre-ordering Street Fighter V through Steam, while the game will be supporting Steam OS as well as the Steam Controller in addition to Windows-based machines.

Check out Street Fighter V: Battle Costume Announce Trailer.

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