New Minecraft DLC Pack Revealed

Following the launch of Minecraft v0.13.0 on Windows 10 and mobile devices four weeks ago, Mojang has officially revealed the latest downloadable content coming to Minecraft, the Holiday Skin Pack, offering players some new skins to dress up for the holidays.

Minecraft: Holiday Skin Pack features 15 different skins, including:

  • Gingerbread Creeper
  • Tomte
  • Casual Comfy
  • Snug Snoozy
  • Warm Wooly
  • Puffed Padded
  • Parka
  • Jumper
  • Mother Christmas
  • Father Christmas
  • Santa Claus
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Toy Crafter
  • Tasty Gingerbread
  • Red-Nose
Minecraft: Holiday Skin Pack is now available for $1.99 on PC (Windows 10), Android, iOS, and Windows Phone/Mobile devices.