New Bloodborne Patch Revealed

Following the launch of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC about four weeks ago, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio has officially announced the latest update coming to its action role-playing video game, including the content of its latest Patch.

Bloodborne Patch v1.09 features:

  • The strength and stamina cost for several weapons has been adjusted 
  • In order to trade for the Blood stone Chuck, the necessary amount of Insight has been changed from 30 to 20
  • Trading for the Blood Rock is now possible (60 pieces of Insight are required) 
  • Several other fixes and adjustments have been made
Bloodborne Patch v1.09 is now rolling out as a free update to all PS4 consoles. Although, according to the studio "A certain portion of the main game must been cleared in order to access the above".