Google Announces Google Play Music Family Plan

Following Apple, Spotify, and Tidal, Google is the latest one to join the shared subscription-based music streaming service party, by announcing its own Family Plan program for Google Play Music users, offering family member the ability to enjoy all of Google Play Music features under one subscription.

Google Play Music Family Plan will offer up to six family members the same features they’d get from having individual subscriptions, including:

  • Ad-Free experience 
  • Access Google Play Music across Android, iOS and the web
  • Listen on their own accounts at the same time
  • Enjoy personalized experiences
Reminder: The Google Play Music Family Plan can only be purchased through an Android device for now. However, once purchased, family members can access it on all supported platforms.

The Google Play Music Family Plan is now rolling out in US, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, and Germany for $14.99/month.