Facebook Introducing Moments App

Similar to Facebook Messenger, Facebook has officially announced that the company will be shutting down its mobile photo sync feature, in favor of its standalone Moments App, which offers an easier and quicker way to give your photos to friends and get their photos too.

With Moments App, users will be able to group their photos based on who's in them and when they were taken, and with a simple tap they will be able to privately send their photos to the right friends. The app also allow your friends to add their very own photos to the moment, which then everyone in your circle will be granted access to, alongside the ability to edit, share, or delete the photos you want.

According to Facebook "Moments is a quick, easy way to gather the photos you and friends take together. After events, celebrations, trips or a night out, it's often a hassle to collect all the photos you'll want to look back on. With Moments, you can give your photos to friends, get their photos, and keep them all in a single private place".

Moments App is now available for free on both Android and iOS, and starting January 10 the Facebook's mobile photo sync feature will be shutting down.

Check out Moments App Intro.