New Rock Band 4 Update Revealed

Following the launch of the Rock Band 4's 80s tracks late last month, Harmonix Music Systems has officially announced the latest software update coming to its music video game, delivering some new features as well as improvements and bug fixes.

Rock Band 4 December Update features:

  • In-game notifications of leaderboard events with an all-new in-song indicator
  • Activity feed that enables you to quickly jump to a track to regain your dominance
  • Taunt system from the results screen, with the ability to send selectable randomized Taunt messages
  • Improved Calibration (require you to recalibrate)
  • Variable Breakneck Speed (up to 2.5X )
  • Full Combo Recognition & Indicator 
  • More Song Results details
  • Player Stats
  • New Items in the Rock Shop
  • Auto-kick mode, which will be available as a toggle in the Options menu
  • Other bug fixes
Rock Band 4's new Update will begin rolling out starting December 8 on both Xbox One and PS4 as a free update.