Cortana Beta Launches On iOS

Following the launch of Cortana Beta On Android about three months ago, Microsoft has officially announced that it will be expanding its intelligent personal assistant, Cortana, on Apple-based mobile devices, as part of the company's effort to deliver "the first personal digital-assistant who works across your PC & your phone".

Cortana for iOS includes features like:

  • Set a reminder on your Win 10 PC with Cortana and see how it works on your iPhone
  • Rely on Cortana to organize your meetings and see whether she can help you have meeting on time conveniently
  • Track your interests on proactive canvas and see whether you can get the latest info useful for you
  • Communicate with Cortana and see whether she can talk with you like a real personal assistant 
However, Since Cortana for iOS is still in beta stages, Microsoft's personal assistant doesn't include all the features available on Windows devices, and does come with some limitations such as:
  • Don't support people based reminder 
  • Can't add/edit/delete favorite places 
  • UX for call/sms/calendar/reminder is a little rough 
Cortana Beta is now available on iOS through Apple's TestFlight program.