Apple Music Support Added To Siri On tvOS 9.1 Beta

Following the release of tvOS 9.1 Beta 1 on the fourth generation Apple TV last week, Apple has apparently integrated Apple Music into Siri, allowing users to search for heir favorite artists and songs wright from the remote assistant.

Although, music searches through Siri was previously said to come early next year through software update, users on the first build of tvOS 9.1 can now try out the new Apple Music integration with Siri and perform multiple action including:

  • The ability to search for artists, albums, and songs
  • The ability to Play an artist, album, song, and playlist
  • The ability to Play Beats 1, the 24/7 radio 
Apple Music integration with Siri is now available on tvOS 9.1 Beta 1, which has been released on the new Apple TV for registered developers.

Check out Siri integration with Apple Music Demo.