Pangu Launches Updated Jailbreak Tool

Following the release of Pangu9 v1.0.1 about a week ago, the Pangu Team has officially launched a brand new build of Pangu9, Pangu9 v1.1.0, that supports iDevices running from iOS 9.0 all the way to iOS 9.0.2, featuring improvements in success rates as well as reliability of the jailbreak program.

Pangu9 v1.1.0 includes bug fixes as well as improvements such as:

  • Improve the success rate and reliability of jailbreak program for 64bit devices
  • Optimize backup process and improve jailbreak speed, and fix an issue that leads to fail to jailbreak due to low disk space in Windows
  • Fix a bug that leads to an exit of the jailbreak tool due to abnormal network status
  • Add the re-jailbreak function (only for some devices that were upgraded via iTunes but were detected as jailbroken)
  • Fix a bug that leads to fail to use the instrument function in Xcode
Reminder: Users who already jailbroke their devices, can update Pangu 9.0.x through Cydia without the need to re-jailbreak them.

Pangu9 v1.0.1 is now available to download through Pangu's website. Unfortunately, the jailbreak utility is still only compatible with Windows. Although a Mac edition is expected to be released soon.