New Street Fighter V Character & Launch Date Revealed

Following the announcement of Laura Matsuda as playable character in Street Fighter V about three weeks ago, Capcom has officially revealed the latest fighter joining the Street Fighter V roster, alongside releasing some new footage showing off his combat style, techniques, abilities, gameplay, and much more.

During Paris Games Week, the studio has announced that Dhalsim, who made his debut in the original Street Fighter II, will be coming back to Street Fighter V and enable players to use his long range limbs and slow projectiles to frustrate overly offensive opponents. Dhalsim has also mastered some new Yoga skills including V-Skill – Yoga Float and V-Trigger –Yoga Burner.

Capcom has also revealed that it will be releasing six additional characters as part of the studio's post-launch content, which can be earned either with real money or fight money, while each character is set to be released every couple months. Last but not least, Street Fighter V will be officially launching February 16, 2016 in US and Europe on both PC and PS4.

Check out Street Fighter V: 
Dhalsim Reveal Trailer.