Minecraft: Halloween Mash-Up Pack Revealed

Following the announcement of Halo Edition Mash-Up Pack Update just one day ago, Microsoft in collaboration with 4J Studios has officially revealed the latest downloadable content coming to Minecraft, the Halloween Mash-Up Pack, offering players a brand new pack that's "dedicated to the eeriest time of the year".

The Halloween Mash-Up Pack will be featuring:

  • 43 New skins including Grim Reaper, Bride of Frankenstein, Wicked Witch, Tree Face, Mad Doctor, Swamp Monster and, of course, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde
  • New creepy texture pack
  • New ghostly music
  • New scary world
  • New rollercoaster 
The Halloween Mash-Up Pack will be available starting October 23 on PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4 for $3.99.

Check out Minecraft: Halloween Mash-Up Pack Reveal Trailer.