Minecraft: Halloween Costume Pack Revealed

Following the announcement of Minecraft: Halloween Mash-Up Pack for consoles about a week ago, Microsoft in collaboration with Mojang has officially revealed the latest downloadable content coming to Minecraft, the Halloween Costume Pack, offering players a chance to dress up as their favorite mob.

The Halloween Costume Pack features 15 skins including:

  • Cow costume
  • Creeper costume
  • Enderman costume
  • Ghast costume
  • Iron Golem costume
  • Mooshroom Costume
  • Ocelot costume
  • Pig costume
  • Pink sheep costume
  • Rainbow sheep costume
  • Skeleton costume
  • Snow golem costume
  • Spider costume
  • Zombie costume
The Halloween Costume Pack is rolling out on PC (Windows 10), Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, while the skins can be purchased for $0.99. Although, the Iron Golem and Zombie costumes will be available for free.