Just Cause 3 Story Trailer

Following the reveal of Just Cause 3 Install Size about a week ago, Avalanche Studios has officially released the latest footage of its upcoming and much anticipated open world action-adventure video game, showing off details about the story behind the 400 square miles of creative destruction, incredible action and explosions.

In Just Cause 3, players will take on Rico Rodriguez who is on a mission to destroy a dictator named General Di Ravello with an insatiable appetite for power by any means necessary, and who is the reason why Rico left his home in the first place. During his mission of saving the world and getting some sweet revenge, Rodriguez will get to meet some familiar faces such as Sheldon as well as some brand new ones including Annika the leader of the outlaws with connections in the underworld, Dima a brilliant scientist who plays a key role in the story, and Rico’s best friend Mario

Just Cause 3 will be available December 1st worldwide on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Check out Just Cause 3 Story Trailer.