iPhone 6s VS Nexus 5X: Fingerprint Sensor Speed Test

Once again we find ourselves in this cross road, where powerhouses from the both giants, Google and Apple, fight each other in a speed test, to prove once for all who has the fastest fingerprint sensor on a smartphone in the market right now.

In this brutal war, we got one of Google's recently launched and much waited Nexus, the Nexus 5X, against Apple's latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 6s, challenging each other in an obstacle course where they have to find out who unlocks first.

What do you think? will the Nexus 5X take down the king of fingerprint sensors with its all-new Nexus Imprint, or will the iPhone 6s dominate the competition and maintains its throne thanks to its 2nd-Gen Touch ID. Stick around to find out.

Check out iPhone 6s VS Nexus 5X: Fingerprint Sensor Speed Test.

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