Heroes Reborn: Enigma Launches On Mobile Devices

Following the announcement of Heroes Reborn: Enigma about three months ago, Imperative Entertainment in collaboration with Universal Television and Phosphor Games has officially revealed that it's now launching its mobile game based on the relaunch of the hit TV franchise Heroes on Apple as well as Google-based mobile devices.

In Heroes Reborn: Enigma, a first-person action-puzzle game, players as well as Heroes fans will get the chance to becom THE HERO, as they take on Dahlia, a young, evolved human with incredible powers including Levitation and Time Shift, on her quest to solve puzzles and survive tests, in order to escape captivity at a secret government facility known only as The Quarry. The game also features over 30 levels in three acts, as well as a story by Tim Kring and the Heroes Reborn TV show writers.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is now available on Android and iOS for $4.99. Check out Heroes Reborn: Enigma Launch Trailer.

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