Google Announces YouTube Gaming Updates

Following the launch of YouTube Gaming seven weeks ago, Google has officially revealed the latest updates coming to its all-new platform for gamers, as part of the company's "quest to create the best place for gamers to come together to watch gaming videos, build communities, and live stream".

YouTube Gaming will be introducing new features as well as improvements including:

  • Mobile Capture, which enables you to record and live stream gameplay on-the-go directly from your mobile device (limited to Android for now)
  • Sponsorships, which enables viewers to support their favorite gamers via monthly payment (Still in beta)
  • More easily see when there are live streams for games in your collection
  • Easier video bookmarking with Watch Later
  • Improved performance and a redesigned watch page on
  • Better search navigation on iOS by remembering your previous searches
  • Import existing subscriptions anytime from YouTube via Settings
The updated YouTube Gaming is now rolling out on both Android and iOS in US and UK.