Cut The Rope: Magic Coming To Mobile Devices

ZeptoLab is celebrating Cut The Rope's five years anniversary, by announcing the latest installment in the Cut The Rope franchise, as well as the successor to last year's My Om Nom, Cut The Rope: Magic, which will be released on both Apple and Google-based mobile devices.

The studio has revealed that Cut The Rope: Magic, a physics-based puzzle video games, will be offering a magical twist to the familiar Cut the Rope gameplay. In celebration of the original game’s fifth anniversary, ZeptoLab will be giving away five free pieces of each in-game item as well as a brand new birthday cap.

According to Semyon Voinov, ZeptoLab founder and Cut the Ropedesigner "Over the past five years, we have been discovering Om Nom and his story, not only for our audience’s sake, but for our own as well. And we still have many interesting questions we intend to answer for our players".

Cut The Rope: Magic will be available sometime in December on Android and iOS
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