New Star Wars: Battlefront Mode Revealed

Following the announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront Beta just one week ago, EA Digital Illusions CE has officially revealed the latest game mode coming to its upcoming action game that is based on the Star Wars franchise, the Drop Zone Mode.

In Drop Zone Mode, an action-filled tactical mode that's all about action and quick thinking, players will go head to head in 8-versus-8 matches as they fight to capture and control drop pods, falling through the atmosphere onto the planet surfaces. A winning team will be crowned if it captures five pods, which includes Power Pickups, or control the majority of them after the 10-minute match is up.

According to 
Dennis BrännvallLead Level Designer "This goes hand in hand with our design philosophy behind many of the game modes in Star Wars Battlefront," He continued "We’re promoting the idea of a fast, action-packed game where you need to be mobile and think on your feet. Camping doesn't really pay off".

Drop Zone Mode will be playable when Star Wars: Battlefront launches, which is scheduled to be released starting November 17.