New iPad Mini 4 Details Revealed

Following the announcement of the iPad Mini 4 about one week ago, which brought Apple's latest and greatest iPad Mini, some new details about the company's new small tablet has emerged showing off its processor clock speed and RAM capacity.

Similar to previous releases, Apple never reveals the full spec sheet of its products, including during its press events as well as product webpages, and while Apple has advertised that the iPad Mini 4 as being a scaled down version of the iPad Air 2, Ars Technice has revealed that the Mini 4 is in fact slower than the Air 2, due to the Mini's A8 Chip Dual-core processor compared to the Air's A8X Chip Triple-core processor, which has achieved lower multi-core scores than the larger iPad.

The report also found that the iPad Mini 4 includes the same RAM capacity as the iPad Air 2, which is 2GB of RAM, which will help the tablet better handle iOS 9's multi-tasking features such as Split View mode, as well as reducing wait times when switching between different tabs and apps.

According to Ars Technice " Having a whole extra CPU core makes the 1.5GHz A8X in the iPad Air 2 about 50% faster than the Mini 4, but we're still looking at a 20-or-so percent improvement over the old Mini 2 and Mini 3".

The iPad Mini 4 is now available starting at $399 through the company's online store, while the tablet will begin shipping within 1-3 business days.