New Dying Light: The Following DLC Details Revaled

Following the announcement of Dying Light: The Following DLC about seven weeks ago, Techland has officially revealed the latest update coming to Dying Light's upcoming expansion, including the drivable vehicle in The Following DLC.

In The Following DLC, players will get the chance to drive the SILAS All-Terrain Dirt Buggy, which was designed with a Driver’s Survival First attitude, break pursuits, and travel through the quarantine like never before, in order to survive and get around the dangerous countryside. The vehicle also features proprietary protective technology that arms drivers with the tools to deal with the current and future threats.

Dying Light: The Following, including the SILAS dirt buggy, will be available for free to all Season Pass owners on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Although, the expansion can also be purchased separately.

Check out Silas Motors Reveal Trailer.