Need For Speed: Five Ways To Play Gameplay Trailer

Following the launch of Need For Speed Reveal Trailer about three months ago, Electronic Arts has officially released the latest footage of its upcoming and much anticipated open world racing video game, showing off five ways to earn REP and attract the attention of one of the five real world icons.

The Five Ways To Play in Need For Speed include:

  • SPEED, where you'll take part in Speed events such as Sprint Races and Time Attacks, and must cross the line first and be the fastest
  • STYLE, which is all about expressing yourself behind the wheel, and showing off your flair and precise car control
  • BUILD will enable your inner artist run wild with some awesome customizations, and rewards you for creating your own one of a kind ride
  • CREW, which is all about coming together and driving as one, as well as representing and winning with your CREW
  • OUTLAW, which is all about high stakes, risk versus reward driving, and getting yourself noticed for all the wrong reasons
Need For Speed will be available November 3 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in US, while EU will get it November 5.

Check out Need for Speed: Five Ways To Play Gameplay Trailer.