Microsoft Launches New Xbox Update

Following the announcement of the new features that's coming to last-gen Xbox consoles over the last few months, as part of the company's Preview program, Microsoft has officially reveled that its long and much anticipated update will now be launching to the public.

The new Xbox 360 System Update features:

  • The ability to store up to 2GB Cloud Storage of game saves
  • The ability to connect your Console to a network that requires a Terms of Use acceptance (requires the latest update of Internet Explorer)
  • The ability to Redeem Codes from messages 
  • Access to your Activity Feed including post new messages, watch game clips, Like, comment, and share your friend’s activities
  • The ability to see what your friends are playing on Xbox One and Windows 10 right from your Xbox 360
  • Access your movie and TV collection from Microsoft Movies & TV app, as well as your Music through Groove Music app
  • The ability to see your Microsoft account balance when making purchases
The Xbox 360 System Update is now rolling out to all Xbox 360 consoles.