Hatred: Survival DLC Revealed

Following the launch of Hatred on Microsoft-based computers three months ago, Destructive Creations has officially revealed the first downloadable content coming to its isometric third-person shooter, Survival DLC, offering players a brand new arcade gameplay mode called Survival.

Survival DLC features:

  • 3 Custom maps added only to the SURVIVAL mode 
  • 3 Playable characters with various combat statistics
  • Ranks system that includes: unlockable perks and specials, unlockable weapons, and items of mass destruction
  • New leaderboards and achievements
The game will also be receiving an update featuring:
  • Cheats including infinite ammo, god mode, any weapon pickable 
  • New difficulty modes including Story and Insane
  • Steam Cards
  • Additional sub-quests for some levels
  • Multiple bugs fixes and performance improvements
Hatred: Survival DLC is now rolling out as a free download on PC. Check out Hatred: Survival DLC Launch Trailer.