GTA Online: Freemode Events Update Revealed

Following the launch of GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part Two couple months ago, Rockstar Games has officially announced the latest update coming to GTA Online, the Freemode Events Update, offering players access to a range of seamlessly integrated games and challenges, as part of the game's open world gameplay.

In Freemode Events, players will take on an open Freemode session filled with friends, crewmates, rivals, and randoms where spontaneous and chaotic new games and challenges will appear, where there are no menus, lobbies, or load times. The update will also include two brand new Adversary Modes called Hunting Pack and Cross the Line, as well as bringing the long waited and much anticipated Rockstar Editor to current-gen consoles.

Freemode Events Update will be coming to 
GTA Online September 15 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Check out GTA Online: Freemode Events Update Reveal Trailer.