Google Launches Android Pay

Following the announcement of Android Pay alongside Android Android Marshmallow over three months ago, Google has officially announced the launch of its much waited and anticipated mobile payments platform, as well as the successor to the not so successful Google Wallet, Android Pay.

With Android Pay, Google's all-new simple and secure way to pay with your Android phone, users will be able to make purchases through either in-stores at over one million locations across the US where tap and pay payments are accepted, or via in-apps without the need of entering your payment and address details every time you make in app purchases.

The service also offers a virtual account number to represent your account information when making purchess in order to keep your card details safe, payment confirmation that shows you exactly where a given transaction happened, along with the merchant’s name and number, as well as the ability to instantly lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or even wipe it clean of your personal information in case your got lost or stolen.

Android Pay is now rolling out to all NFC-enabled Android devices running KitKat 4.4 or newer, with support for credit and debit cards from four major payment networks including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Although Google Wallet users must update their Wallet app in order to access Android Pay.

Check out Android Pay Intro.