Crashnauts Officially Announced

Fueled By Rockets, an Indie game and entertainment studio, has officially announced its latest and greatest projects, Crashnauts, delivering a fast paced 2D arena shooter on both current-gen consoles as well as computers.

In Crashnauts, featuring a fluid and precise player movement, brutal fast paced combat, and objective based gametypes, players will get the chance to choose their faction, customize their character, and throw themselves into battle via their Crashpod. The game also offers a fast paced fluid combat and brutal weapons that promises to deliver a "fresh experience every match".

Keep in mind that the Crashnauts is still in development and a Kickstarter project, so if you want to contribute and help make this unique 2D experience become a reality, you can always head over Here.

Crashnauts is expected to be released late 2016 on PC (Windows and Linux), Mac, and PS4. Check out Crashnauts Kickstarter Campaign Intro.