Battlefield Hardline: Robbery Launch Date Revealed

Following the announcement of Battlefield Hardline: Robbery Expansion over a month ago, Electronic Arts has officially revealed some new details about its coming to its first-person shooter latest expansion pack, including Robbery's release date.

Battlefield Hardline: Robbery features:

  • 4 New maps including The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7
  • 1 New game mode called Squad Heist
  • New weapons including a Throwing Knife
  • New gadgets including CS Gas Launcher and Vehicle Healing
  • New Rides including Faction Pickup Truck and Scout Helicopter
  • New Camos including Butterfly Gun Camo, Beehive Gun Camo, Street Gun Camo, Money Gun Camo, Limited Vehicle Camo, and Ice Vehicle Camo
Battlefield Hardline: Robbery will be available September 16 for Battlefield Hardline Premium owners.