Apple Releases New iCloud Storage Pricing Per Country

Following Apple's September Event, where the company revealed its latest and greatest iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV, Apple has announced that it will be expanding the amount of storage provided to users, and now the company has officially revealed the new storage options and pricing.

iCloud's new storage options and pricing include:

  • United States: 50GB/$0.99, 200GB/$2.99, and 1TB/$9.99
  • Canada: 50GB/$1.29, 200GB/$3.99, and 1TB/12.99
  • United Kingdom: 50GB/£0.79, 200GB/£2.49, and 1TB/£6.99
  • Russia: 50GB/59 p., 200GB/149 p., and 1TB/£599 p.
  • Saudi Arabia: 50GB/SR 3.69, 200GB/SR 10.99, and 1TB/36.99
  • United Arab Emirates: 50GB/AED 3.69, 200GB/AED 10.99, and 1TB/AED 36.99
  • China: 50GB/¥6, 200GB/¥21, and 1TB/¥68
  • Japan: 50GB/¥130, 200GB/¥400, and 1TB/¥1300 
Apple has also announced that countries where local currency isn't supported will have storage upgrades billed in Dollars, while Eurozone countries will be charged in Euros.