Apple Releases iOS 9 GM & 9.1 Beta

Following the launch of iOS 9 Beta 5 just over one month ago, Apple has officially released two brand new builds of iOS 9, iOS 9 GM build number 13A340 and 9.1 Beta build number 13B5110e , to developers for download and testing.

iOS 9 GM, the golden master edition of iOS9, is considered the final version of iOS 9 and will most likely be identical to the one that will be released to the public, while 9.1 Beta includes new features such as:

  • New emoji including taco, burrito, unicorn face, hot dog, popcorn, turkey, cheese wedge
  • New Siri setting that lets you give voice examples for the "Hey Siri" feature, which can be activated without the new iPhones being plugged in, or by plugging your iDevice for older iPhones
  • Support for accessories like the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil
9.1 Beta and iOS 9 GM are now available Software Update or via the iOS Dev Center for registered developers.