Xbox August Update Revealed

Alongside the launch of Windows 10 three weeks ago, Microsoft has announced that Windows users will be able to Steam Xbox Games On Windows 10, and now the company is back once again with some new updates about its Xbox App on Windows 10.

Xbox August Update features:

  • 1080p/60fps Game Streaming (works best for networks with adequate bandwidth)
  • right-click on one of your friends and select Send Messageor Invite to Party
  • Enable or disable notifications for when you are invited to a party or a multiplayer game
  • New animated display alternately showing you how many friends have played each game along with the four most recent players
  • Compare Achievements with a Friend
  • My Games has been updated with support for grid view with a jump list
  • The ability to manually add games to your collection that have a link in the Start Menu
Xbox August Update is now rolling out to all Windows 10 users through the Windows Store.

Check out Xbox August Update Intro.