Samsung Reveals New Galaxy Note 5 Variant

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 last week, as well as rumors suggesting that Samsung will be introducing a new variant of the Galaxy Note 5 supporting dual-SIM and microSD card, the company has revealed the Galaxy Note 5 Duos.

The Galaxy Note 5 Duos shares almost the same specs and design as the original Note 5, the company's latest and greatest Note, including metal and glass construction, narrower bezel and curved back, 5.7-inch Quad-HD display,64-bit Octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 32/64GB internal storage, 16MP shooter, and 3,000mAh battery. However Note 5 Duos comes with Dual-SIM support and no microSD card, killing previous claims of memory expansion.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos is now available to pre-order in Taiwan, while the phablet is expected to be released in select countries later on, similar to previous Notes with Dual-SIM support.