Goat Simulator Launches On PlayStation

Following the announcement of Goat Simulator Coming To PlayStation about one month ago, Coffee Stain Studios in collaboration with Double Eleven has officially announced that its very popular Goat Simulator is now launching on last-gen as well as current-gen PlayStation consoles.

In Goat Simulator, a third-person perspective action game, players will get the chance to cause as much destruction as possible as a goat, alongside the ability to add three friends for local co-op on current-gen consoles, or just their best friend on last-gen consoles. The studio has also announced that Goat Simulator for PlayStation will be featuring an all-new GoatVR mode, offering a simulated GoatVR experience that promises to deliver "so close to actually having a headset" experience.

Goat Simulator is now available on PS3 nad PS4 for $9.99. Although PS Plus members will get it for $8.99.

Check out Goat Simulator For PlayStation Launch Trailer.