BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Running Android Leaked

Following previous reports suggesting that BlackBerry is working on Blackberry Venice, a Blackberry made smartphone based on Android, a new variant of BlackBerry Passport running Android has now been leaked in a lengthy video.

The hands on video has revealed a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, the company's latest and greatest product, running the full version of Android 5.1 Lollipop, including Google Play store and services, as well as giving us a tour of the UI, apps, web browser, and much more, suggesting that BlackBerry is indeed testing Android for its rumored upcoming Blackberry Venice.

However, there is also another explanation that this video represents the work of a developer who was able to create a custom ROM and managed to port Android to BlackBerry devices, and not an official Blackberry-supported Android build after all.

Check out BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Running Android Leaked.

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