Apple Releases Xcode 7 Beta 6

Following the launch of Xcode 7 Beta 5 alongside iOS 9 Beta 5 over couple weeks ago, Apple has released a brand build of Xcode 7, Xcode 7 Beta 6 build number 7A192o, to developers for download and testing.

Xcode 7 Beta 6 includes new features and changes such as:

Platform Support
• Xcode 7 beta 6 includes SDKs for watchOS 2.0, OS X version 10.11, and iOS 9.

Swift Language
• Error Handling. Throw, catch, manage, and handle errors in Swift. Interoperate seamlessly with NSError.
• Availability. Adopt new APIs while still deploying back to older OS versions, with compile-time errors to catch situations when you’ve used API that isn’t available on the deployment target.
• Protocol extensions. Add methods and properties to any class that conforms to a protocol. Re-use more of your code.
• Testability. Write tests of Swift 2.0 frameworks and apps with access to all your public and internal
• Swift 1.2 to 2.0 Migrator. Helps you upgrade your existing Swift source code to take advantage of Swift 2.0.

Objective-C Updates
• Generics. Specify type information for collections, simplifying the code you write.
• Nullability. Indicate in Objective-C source when to expect nil or non-nil results.

• Rich-text comments. Explain what is going on in the Swift code with a markdown-like syntax.
• Inline results. Show your code’s results directly below the code that produces them.
• Resources. Add resources like images to your playground using the project navigator.
• Auxiliary Sources. Keep additional support code separate from the playground itself.
• Pages. Bundle related concepts together with multiple, targeted to structure a playground.

App Thinning
Three complementary technologies designed to deliver optimized installation by the App Store.
• Bitcode. Archive for upload to the App Store in an intermediate LLVM binary representation that the store can then optimize into the 64 or 32-bit executable to be delivered to customers.
• Slicing. Artwork incorporated into the Asset Catalog and tagged for platform needs allows the App Store to deliver only what is needed for installation.
• On Demand Resources. Host additional content for your app on the iTunes App Store repository,
allowing the app to fetch resources as needed using asynchronous download and installation.

• Energy Gauge for iOS. Track energy usage with iOS 9 on a per-process basis.
• Address Sanitizer. Build instrumented Objective-C and C code to trap the sources of memory corruption problems.

• User interface testing and recording. Test applications at the user interface surface with elements,
queries, and simulated events. The UI recording feature enables capture of UI actions into source to
facilitate creating tests.
• Code coverage. Provides report information to evaluate a test suite for completeness.

Free Provisioning
• Develop on your own device. Streamlined mechanism to provision and install development project on physical devices for testing and evaluation.

Crash Logs
• Test Flight and Crash Reports. Enhanced to allow using crash data from OS X apps as well as
watchOS and iOS apps.

UI Testing
• XCTest offers API to automate complex controls such as date pickers. (20577276)

Xcode 7 Beta 6 is now available through Software Update or via the Apple Dev Center for registered developers.