Apple Flip Phone Concept

Following the recent reveal of the LG Gentle and Samsung Galaxy Folder, Android-based Flip Phones, Designer Martin Hajek decided to imagine what a Flip Phone made by Apple would look like.

Due to flip phones popularity in the Japanese market, Martin Hajek created a concept images of a flip phone, also known as Garakei in Japan, made by Apple called GarakeiPhone, featuring the same design elements of the company's latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 6, in a flip phone form factor, alongside gold, space grey, and rose gold color options.

According to Hajek "In Japan these huge flip-phones are called ‘garakei’ and they are still very popular, despite the iPhone also gaining marketshare in the land of the rising sun. What if Apple ever decided to make an iPhone especially for the Japanese market? Introducing the…garakeiPhone!"

Check out Apple Flip Phone Concept.