YouTube Updated With Vertical Videos Support

Following the announcement of YouTube Gaming about six weeks ago, Google has revealed its latest and greatest feature, as well as one of the top requested and much waited features, coming to its very popular video-sharing website, YouTube.

Following the footsteps of some of today's top social networks, including Snapchat, Periscope, and Meerkat, in embracing vertical videos, YouTube has announced that it will be supporting vertical videos, making your viewing experience even more enjoyable than ever before.

Previously, users were stuck in this horrible nightmare, trying to watch a vertical video on YouTube, and when hitting the full-screen button, the video rotates to landscape mode, preserving the letterboxing on each side of the video, while wasting a whole lot of screen real estate. However, thanks to YouTube's new update, vertical videos can now be watched in full-screen as they were meant to be seen in the first place, all while taking advantage of your big, beautiful screen.

YouTube v10.28.59 is now rolling out on Android, while iOS is expected to get it later on. Although Android users who can't wait to wake up from the vertical videos nightmare, can manually install the APK from here.