Tidal Announces Family Plan

Following the re-launch of Tidal over three months ago, after the subscription-based music streaming service was acquired by Jay Z, Tidal has officially revealed the latest features coming to its "Both Premium and High Fidelity Streaming" service, announcing an all-new Family Plan Membership.

Tidal has revealed its latest and greatest subscription plans, the Family Plan, allowing users to add up to four additional accounts under their subscription plan, with each account has the ability to customize music playlists, settings and content, as well as enjoy unlimited online streaming and register up to three devices for offline mode, all while competing against Apple Music and Spotify's Family Plans.

According to Tidal "TIDAL is adding this new price offering to provide existing subscribers with discounts to extend value to their family members. Families often rely on group plans for services and TIDAL wants their extensive music catalogue, content and membership benefits to be available to as many people as possible.

Tidal Family Plan is now available for both Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi subscribers, with each additional family member receives a 50% discount.