Terraria Officially Announced For Nintendo

Following the launch of Terraria on PC four years ago, then followed by last-gen consoles, iOS, and Android devices two years later, and current-gen consoles and Windows Phone devices one year later, Re-Logic in collaboration with 505 Games has officially announced that its action-adventure sandbox game will be coming to Nintendo consoles.

Terraria for Nintendo consoles will be featuring "intuitive" touchscreen controls, enabling players to reach directly into the world for the very first time to fashion elaborate structures and fight off enemies using their fingertip and stylus control. Although the 3DS edition will be supporting local WiFi gameplay with up to 4 friends, while the Wii U version will come with up to 8-player online multiplayer support, or 4-player splitscreen using classic Wii Remotes.

Terraria will be available early 2016 on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Although those who can't wait for the game to be released next year, will be granted 
some hands-on time with Terraria on 3DS at the Nintendo booth during the Gamescom 2015 event next week.