Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir Officially Announced

Vanillaware in collaboration with Atlus has officially announced the latest installment in the Odin Sphere franchise, Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir, delivering a high-definition remake of the original Odin Sphere, which was first released eight years ago on PS2.

Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir will be featuring:

  • Upgraded graphics
  • Enhancements to the combat system
  • Smoother and faster gameplay
  • new enemies, bosses, battle actions, animations, and maps
  • Classic Mode that enables the original 2D scrolling gameplay 

Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir will be available January 14, 2016 in Japan on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4. Unfortunately there is no word yet on whether or not the game will make it to the west.

Check out Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir Announce Trailer.