Madfinger Games Launches Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Kit

Madfinger Games in collaboration with the Shadowgun Dead Zone gaming community has officially revealed the latest installment in the Shadowgun franchise, as well as the latest entry in the Shadowgun: Deadzone series, the Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Kit.

In the Shadowgun: Deadzone Game Master's Kit, a special edition of the multiplayer hit Shadowgun DeadZone, players will get the chance to create new maps, modify weapons, characters, and much more. The GM edition will be featuring 2 maps, 21 different weapons, as well as the ability to play with up to 12 players, and create your very own gaming server.

Shadowgun: Deadzone Game Master's Kit is now available as a free download, while the Complete guideline can be found over here.

Check out Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Kit Launch Trailer.