Heroes Reborn Reveal Trailer

Phosphor Game Studio in collaboration with Imperative Entertainment and NBC Universal Television has officially revealed latest installments in the Heroes series, Heroes Reborn: Gemini as well as Heroes Reborn: Enigma, offering players the chance to be part of the EVOs.

Both Heroes Reborn games deliver a prequel to Heroes Reborn, the upcoming 13-episode miniseries TV show that is set to premiere late September. Although Gemini is a first-person action-adventure game, where you'll take on Cassandra, a 20 years old girl, who uses localized time-travel powers and telekinesis to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, while Enigma is a first-person action-puzzle game, where you'll play as Dahlia, Cassandra’s 14 years old sister, who uses her powers to escape a secret government facility called The Quarry.

According to Phosphor Games "The two games act as a prequel to Heroes Reborn and share an overarching story by two writers on the show, overseen by Heroes creator Tim Kring. Key characters and plots will link the two games, so while you can play them separately, Heroes lovers can play both to get a richer experience".

Heroes Reborn: Gemini will be available in September on PC and Consoles, while Heroes Reborn: Enigma will be released on Mobile and Tablet devices.

Check out Heroes Reborn Reveal Trailer.