God Of War III Remastered Launch Trailer

SCE Santa Monica Studio in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of God of War franchise, by announcing the launch of the latest installment in the God Of War III series, God Of War III Remastered.

In God Of War III Remastered, a Remastered edition of the original God Of War III that was first released over five years ago on last-gen consoles, players will get the chance to become part of the Spartan army, guide Kratos on his quest for revenge, and relive some thier favorite moments by taking down gods and Titans, all while offering 1080p at 60fps gameplay, as well as promising to deliver "sharper, more vibrant, and smoother" details.

God Of War III Remastered is now available in US exclusively on PS4. Although EU will get it July 15, while UK will receive it July 17.

Check out God of War III Remastered Launch Trailer.