Game Of Thrones: Episode 5 Release Date Revealed

Following the launch of Game Of Thrones: Sons Of Winter about two months ago, Telltale Games has officially announced the next chapter in the Game Of Thrones video game series, Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers, as well as the release date of the fifth of six part episodes.

The studio has also released a teaser video showing off a sneak peek at what the Forresters are facing in this lead-up to the finale, as every actions are vital to the survival of the house, and Rodrik's alliance with House Glenmore, and his defiance of the Whitehills, has drawn the ire of an even greater threat, Ramsay Snow.

Game Of Thrones: A Nest of Vipers will be available July 21 on PC, Mac, PS3, and PS4, while Xbox 360 and Xbox One will get it July 22. Last but not least, Android and iOS will receive it July 23.

Check out Game of Thrones: A Nest of Vipers Teaser Trailer.