Apple Releases OS X El Capitan Beta 4

Following the release of OS X El Capitan Beta 3 as well as OS X El Capitan Public Beta couple weeks ago, Apple has officially launched an new build of OS X El Capitan, OS X El Capitan Beta 4 build number 15A226f, to developers for download and testing.

Alongside OS X El Capitan Beta 4, the company has also released OS X Server 5.0 beta 4 for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan, as well as Apple Configurator 2.0 beta 4 for OS X El Capitan. However, the fourth build of OS X El Capitan does include some issues such as:

  • Devices running iOS 9 Beta may not connect to iTunes on OS X El Capitan Developer Beta 4. To resolve install Xcode 7 beta or iTunes 12.2 or later
  • Xcode 6.x has known compatibility issues when run on OS X El Capitan. It is strongly encouraged that you use Xcode 7 when running on OS X El Capitan
  • AIM video chat and screen sharing in Messages are not available in this beta
  • Faces may not be detected in newly-imported photos
  • Email received before installing OS X El Capitan Beta 1 will not work with the Proactive Assistant features
  • The share menu may not create new Mail compose windows when used with some apps
  • Lifting and Stamping adjustments in Aperture may cause the app to unexpectedly exit
  • The Mail app may not be visible after reboot. To work around, quit the app and relaunch
  • iCloud Keychain will not sync passwords & credit cards with previous versions of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan Beta
  • Some full screen metal applications may not update reliably. Running the application in a windowed mode may resolve the problem
  • Flash Player does not work with Safari’s tab audio feature
You can get OS X El Capitan Beta 4 through Software Update or via the Mac Dev Center for registered devs.